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Three works anticipate the exploration of the body in performance that formed the material for my two performance films, Transit (2010) and The Nature Theater of Oklahoma (2011): Painting (2008), Havana (2008), and Art of Terror (1:30, 2002). The first two are described on pages linked to the works list of film and video, 1998 - 2013. The last, Art of Terror, was completed several months after 911, when I first began to take to affect and context and while I was still a graduate student in the MFA program at SUNY Buffalo's Department of Media Study. Havana is particularly complex and important to me because of its mix of responsibility and disillusion, operating between a quasi-activist personal pursuit and an expressive performance of a dubious role. I have long used staged bodily performance within the diary form, but here the balance has decisively swung toward the image of an action.

Painting in the nude

Dressed as clown

Singing in wig