16 mm Film


My work in film through 2008 includes experimental animation, an experiment in psycho-drama (Dire Mastery), a personal work in documentary (Post Card), and the first of my body art films (Painting).

My work in film from 2009 through 2013 has focused on the body in performance and the poetics of page and speech. Whereas the former organize actions within sequences, the latter investigate the lyrical and textual.


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My work in video through 2009 includes a series of video journal entries and a critique in digital video of the documentary-maker's subjectivity (Havana).

Adapting central features of the case against Timothy McVeigh but substituting photographic documentation from my own world, Convicted (2011) presents itself as news coverage of the prosecution's case against me for a capital offense.




Works: 1998 - 2013


Poetics: 4 films

Nature Theater of Oklahoma (2011)

Transit (2010)

Journal 04 - 09 (2009)

Painting (2008)

Post Card (2008)

Havana (2008)

The Gift (2004)

Dire Mastery (2003)

Time & Object (2001)

Relativism (1999)

The Sex Life of the Chair (1999)

Truth (1998)