Carnal Visibility

Photographs by PAS Photographer Matthias Pick

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Performance Art Studies, Berlin, July, '10

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To Sacrifice to Love
































Touch, Caress

In this performance I enter blindfolded, touch hands with audience members, then lay down a strip of tape.  I gesture for a volunteer who walks with me, holding hands, along the strip.  I thank the volunteer, I jump rope and gesture for a second volunteer, who I position on a cushion chair holding an empty glass.  I carry a second glass filled with water several paces away, turn to the volunteer on the chair, and begin to tip the glass.  The volunteer rises and comes to me to receive the water in the empty glass.  I exit.  No words are spoken. There is a close relationship between the sense of touch and the experience of seeing.  This piece is intended to explore the manner in which a body without sight establishes an understanding with an audience that sees.  It suggests certain romantic roles between performer and volunteer, but by denying the use of vision to the performer allows for unpredictable results. 


Volunteer 1

Volunteer 2