Love Clean-Up

Photographs by Officerfishdumplings

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Pow!Pow!Pow!, San Francisco, Oct, '10

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Sacrifice to Love

The set-up for and aftermath of an action become visible when framed by conventionally familiar behavior. In this performance I sacrifice a wheelbarrow, but I do so in order to complete a promise with the audience.  I passed out small balls before preparing the wheelbarrow, then concluded by asking that they be tossed into it as it rolled down the isle. But the preparation is the real spectacle.

When I arrived for this event and began to feel some pressure to perform nude (having submitted the film Transit in application), I began to wonder whether such an event would make sense without taking up some form of opposition. Having just returned from Berlin, where performance does not have such a subversive function, I found myself thinking about performance art as a genre more than about loss and vulnerability, which were occupying me when I applied.

Audience Paints

Holes for Wheels

Operating on Wheelbarrow