Transit (22:15, 2010)


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16 mm, optical sound


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Body of God

To undress the human body can be construed as exposing a person to degradation or as preparing them for beatification. According to Mario Perniola, in the Christian West eroticism involves a transit between dressing and undressing the human body. The first performance in this film was inspired by a black and white film I read about by the sculptor Robert Morris in which he had a nude woman interract with large prefabricated materials in the space of an empty warehouse. The second includes my delivery of Vito Acconci lines used in Paul McCarthy and Mike Kelley's video "Fresh Acconci." Inspiration for this bloody portion of the film includes Italian critic Lea Vergine's essay on body art and the first chapters of Jane Blocker's book, What the Body Cost. At the time of the final performance I was reading portions of a text about the depiction of Christ's genitals in Renaissance painting alongside a text by French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy on Mary Magdalene.

Tug of War

Bloody Mop

Mother of God